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Porridge Bread for Breakfast

Everyone loves bread but this can be dull and boring to eat if you have no topping. The majority like porridge also but making it can be too much of a hassle. How about if I said, trying Porridge Bread for Breakfast? Well, I have come across several recipes with quite a few variations but […]

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Dinner Smoothies

Having a smoothie for dinner is not a good idea. Having a constant fix of junk food or foods that are high in sugar is also not a good idea. BUT . . . Mixing a couple of greens from the vegetable list and a couple of your fruits is a start. By add some […]

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Sticky Chicken Lettuce Cups

Making chicken lettuce cups at home is very quick and simple. Its also fun to eat with your fingers as well as little mess to clean up afterwards. Most of all, if picking up kids from school or before you are heading out after work, its a perfect on the run snack. Its not too filling […]

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Dairy Free Pea & Leek Soup

This is a dairy free, pea & leek soup which is super quick to make and nice, especially in winter. I also have a chocolate desert which is dairy free also. Ingredients: 2 leeks, pale section only, thickly sliced 1 large washed potato, peeled, coarsely chopped 4 cups (1Ltr) Massel Vegetable Stock 500g pkt frozen […]

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Sourdough and Salmon Snacks

  Cooking Time: 3-5 minutes Serving: 2-4 Ingredients: 1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese (Full fat or Reduced Fat) 1 tsp finely grated lemon zest 1 tbs finely chopped fresh chives 4 slices sourdough bread extra virgin olive oil (for brushing) 130g John West Skinless & Boneless Salmon – Lemon & Cracked Pepper 1/2cup watercress Toppings (optional): […]

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Baked Risotto . . . with Flavour Variations

Baked risotto is quite different to the traditional style. It takes longer to cook, although it means you don’t have to attend to it. This allows you time to whip up something delicious to serve along side it. Cooking Time: 40-45 minutes Serving: 4-6 Preparation: 5-10 minutes Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups arborio rice 4 cups […]

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Risotto Basics . . . and then some

Cooking Time: 35-40 minutes Prep Time: 5-10 minutes Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: 3 cups chicken stock 1 1/2 tbs olive oil 80g butter (chopped) 1 onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 1/2 cups arborio rice 1/2 cup dry white wine 80g finely grated parmesan 2 tbs chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, chives basil […]