Dinner Smoothies

Having a smoothie for dinner is not a good idea. Having a constant fix of junk food or foods that are high in sugar is also not a good idea.

BUT . . . Mixing a couple of greens from the vegetable list and a couple of your fruits is a start. By add some flax seed, cashews, cinnamon or ginger is a fantastic combo. It is full of nutrients as well as keeping you full for the evening and until the next morning.

Mixing beetroot, raspberries, greek yogurt and banana is also a great dinner combo. Wanting to add a little more sweetner? Add some honey, a natural alternative with loads of medicinal benefits. Oh and don’t forget to use a green banana rather than the yellow one.

What is the best part about having a dinner smoothie? It requires very little effort and made in advance. You can also decide whether to have it cold or warming it up and having it warm to hot as a winter warmer.

Another major advantage? Having vegetables &/or fruit smoothies can have endless combinations. You can also add herbs or some spice to give it an extra kick. They are simple and being quick and you will never get bored NOR needing to take an hour or so to make.

An idea? You can decide to turn it into a broth style by adding meat, fish or chicken for some added protein and nutrients.

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