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All Breakfast Drinks

We have all heard about Breakfast being the most important food for our start to the day. BUT how much you are actually eating? What it contains and whether it is good for you will be something that will make you STOP DEAD in your tracks. It will make you think about it! Good breakfast […]

Health & Nutrition, Medical Conditions

Breakfast Juice Smoothies

Here is a list of various fruits to make your breakfast juice smoothies. You can also use any of these fruits listed as a Breakfast Juice, or any breakfast smoothie combination. Although fresh fruit is usually the best option, frozen is good especially when blended. Fruits: Paw Paw (America) or Papaya (Australia) Figs Apples Bananas […]

Health & Nutrition, Medical Conditions

Eggs . . . Cooked or Raw

​Eggs contain large amounts of important nutrients, providing you with impressive health benefits. Raw eggs have all the same benefits as cooked eggs and quite nutritious. Eating raw eggs or foods containing it raises concerns of salmonella food poisoning. Another factor is of your absorption of some of these nutrients, causing a decrease? Rich in […]